Just a reminder: Our next promo against Alexis Cagan Shoulberg will take place this weekend on 10/25/14 at 10am. Please assist us as we go after the animal thief, abuser and neglect offender by sharing with the public who she is and what she has done. You may email us at victimsagainstmattbaker@gmail.com to know more and to sign up for this weekend’s event.

As always, lunch will be served for all that participate.

-VAMB Team



The VAMB Team wishes to thank everyone who not only took the time to put in the manpower we needed for today’s promotion, but we thank you all for the prayers and thoughts of concern you put in as well. Never may we state we could have done this without any of you. And as we continue the work, we will certainly require the further support of all of you to bring to light Alexis Cagan Shoulberg’s abuse, theft and neglect, not only toward my babies but those other poor and captured souls that belong to other innocent victims also, while the remaining ones deserve the care of other guardians within the city.

This is only the beginning, folks. Just as one treats the concerns against sex offendors in once safe and undisturbed neighborhoods, let’s combat this disgusting situation by using honest, aggressive teamwork to renounce and destroy the evil that lives in Brooklyn, NY. (Address not provided)

Efforts will continue until the future court hearing against Shoulberg takes place. Plus, it may require addition attention. And while all efforts will remain peaceful and nonviolent, our demand for the return of what she stole and are presently abusing will remain steadfast, vigilant and dedicated to ensure consistency and drive. Also, everyone must know what’s going on and what Shoulberg’s capable of within thier once concern-free neighborhoods and surrounding areas.

(Side note: And for those that still do not believe they fully comprehend this particular assignment, we ask that you respect the following scenario: due to an upoming 30-day procedure that forces you to be hospitalized, you ask a neighbor, who’s female, to look after your three kids or someone you greatly love and have been giving so much support and care in this world, and this neighbor agrees to give them the love and attention they deserve; only she, instead, neglects her promise and abuse/lost one & abuse/sell the remaining two. She never contacts the authorities and NEVER picks up the phone to notify you, the legal parent/guardian. Following this, she lies to you while you’re dealing with your medical troubles, while you respect the lie that your childen or loved ones are alright and safe, still in capable hands. And when you finally and suddenly discover the truth upon your return home, and after you demand the return of those you love so very much, this hellish, mentally ill neighbor takes it upon herself and, in order to attempt and justify her sadistic, painful actions, accuses YOU of being the bad parent or caretaker, while promoting that she removed them from your care as a way to excape your, so called, ‘troubles’. And every attempt to locate them and force her to return your babies brings about another lie, while claiming she is simply acting in her own protective merit by appointing herself as the police, judge, prosecutor and jury. You notify the police, but she develops convincing, conning lies that make her to be a victim too, even stating she is involved with you in a once intimate relationship and this entire situation with your kids is nothing more than a issue within a small problem between a man and a woman, only the man, or you, happens to be gay. Would you not find a new level of anger in that?! Would you not do all you can to reclaim and reaquire the ones you so love the most in this painful and darkened hour? Or would you simply find this entire scenario crazy and dumbfounded,  but suggesting they’re simply stupid cats?! )



Hello VAMB Supporters-

Our compiled group of 10 is lacking five individuals for this weekend’s neighborhood promotional against the actions made by Animal Abuser, Thief and Neglect Offender, Alexis Cagan Shoulberg. If you have the time this weekend to participate, please give us a call at 347.708.3652 for info, including location and time this Saturday.  We need as many able bodies as possible to pass out fliers and post fliers to trees, light posts and billboard walls, while informing the public of the cruel actions committed by Shoulberg and other animal abusers and offenders in the area. Lunch, as always, will be served to express gratitude to all of those that decided to help.

Although this has now increased to a 12 – week/3 month project, each week carries with it a humble urgency to fulfill our primary mission and project objectives. And because of this, volunteers are greatly needed. 

So come one and come all, even if it’s just for the free food (lol).

Also, special thanks to Henry Patterson, Supporter, for posting a series of notices throughout Facebook and the Internet for us. It’s certainly the smallest effort that truly makes the difference at times.


Fellow supporters, I truly regret the delay of this next post. As VAMB moves into the next phase of operation,  I have been remarkably busy with new key projects, which I am sure will result in your immediate and complete satisfaction.

Now that the above is stated, please allow me to proceed in today’s post-

Sometimes, when we are considering an example of a conman, we think of someone who takes advantage of our kindness and trust for his/her own personal mischievous gain, which, more than likely, involves money and finances. Yet, the involvement may also include the misconduct in the use of one’s trust, power to enforce honest authority and the rules of materialistic perception. And this description cannot be far from the factual definition of such a person, one who we trust to take serious matters into his/her own hands, such as practicing and facilitating the word of God.

A great example of such a person is Pastor Juan Demitrius McFarland, a Montgomery, Alabama based pastor and now Ex-Senior Pastor who recently presided over the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. I guess the man had too much of his own misgivings he practiced for such a long time and finally decided to confess them ALL to his entire congregation, for he did mentioned on the morning during his first confession that it was the Lord who spiritually influenced him to let it all out.  But, maybe he should have reconsidered his delivery and timing before he presented his confession during not one, but several weeks of typical Sunday morning visits on the pulpit, for the result of these actions reflected everything but a justified spiritual openness to his fellow brethren.

Now, I’m sure many of you have already read about this particular story. And most of you might already have your official view set on this matter. Nevertheless (and if I may indulge), what makes this a fitting post for this site is the fact that this man, who those around him entrusted to not only practice what he typically preaches each and every Sunday, which is the countless Word of God, but confessed he actually had done the opposite for many years, possibly as early as or before 2003, and he affected so many people in such a negative and cataclysmic way.

And this situation develops such an apparent and justified response to consider him a nominee of Conman of the Year!

If you have yet to experience this story for yourself, I ask you to consider this-

Your senior pastor, while trying to make associations in his sermons to his past sins, makes, not one, but-for weeks- several statements admitting to not only having sexual intercourse with several women while knowingly having full blown AIDS (he contracted HIV in 2003, which, in 2008, mutates to full blown AIDS- previously read articles don’t officially state, but I’m guessing he was having unprotected sex the entire time), but also to several acts of the misappropriation of church funds and heavy illicit drug use. And he confesses to all of this while participating as your church’s leading pastor for over 23 years!

How would you respond, honestly?! And would forgiveness be your initial response?!

When McFarland first admitted to having AIDS while sleeping with several women, there were surprisingly a large number of the church’s congregation that felt they could continue to accept Pastor McFarland as their Senior Pastor, provided he receives professional help for his concerns.  That’s when forgiveness kicked in, while open-minded members took into account that everyone is human and we all make mistakes from time to time. But what changed the mood in the audience was the eventually several more weeks of admitting to his guilty pleasures of mishandling of church funds and heavy drug taking and how it negatively affected the church as a whole. At that point, he wasn’t simply making and admitting to simple mistakes, while thinking he was doing the right thing. Instead, he partook in his (…at this point, let’s, for the sake of this story and those involved, call them…) sins and apparently,  at the time of acting upon them, had very little remorse, but only his desire for sinful pleasure motivated him to do so much more. And considering he was the SENIOR pastor of his church for such a long period, his confession did nothing to provide heartfelt remorse for his acts, but, instead, harnessed anger and resentment on behalf of those he hurt – which, in this case, is his entire church family. According to Christianity,  a pastor is considered the closest being to God when you compare the entire church population.  So, when you truly think about it, a man such as he, who is so far off his supposed official standing from Grace, should have taken upon himself to immediately retire or resign from his post years ago. Yet, he continued to take advantage of the benefits of being the leader of the church, which includes the handling of the church’s finances, accolades, blessing of full authority and the trust enshrined by those he served, including those he screwed (literally ;-)).

So, again, if I was to ask you to consider your example or definition of a conman, many of you would most likely, without me explaining my own description, respond loudly and with a single name- the now imfamous Ex-Alabama Pastor Juan Demitrius McFarland.

And yes, this particular individual has formally been classified and chosen as an official member of VAMB’S Family of Shame, as if this was a hard decision to make!

(Associated story: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/alabama-pastor-confesses-ive-been-having-sex-with-church-members-and-i-have-aids/, See also-Juan McFarland,  pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church,  Who is he?http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2014/10/juan_mcfarland_pastor_of_shilo.html)

Website, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church: http://shilohbaptistmontgomery.org/index.htm



Pastor Juan Demitrius McFarland,  pictured.



* * *

Hi’ya fellow VAMB Supporters!

Last week was a crazy promotional week for us! Here are the numbers…

In one week alone, we increased to-

  • 11,101 Facebook Likes
  • 10,267 NEW visits to the VAMB main site and blog
  • 6,217 Twitter followers
  • New followers from 23 new countries

…and we’re only getting warmed up!

New developments are in the works as well, including the new VAMB online store. So, please continue to visit us, while we help build your defense against anti- scam and fraud.

VAMB – It’s time for payback!

-VAMB Team

 “we are the warriors to bring it on and bring awareness to the abuse administered to 3 innocent cats by Sebastian Alverius. Also we will be exposing his charlitin ways. How he scammed numerous people out of their hard earned money. We will be posting the actual evidence. Being this is a newly developed blog please be patient as we build our case against Sebastian Alverius. thank you for your interest and support.”

-Alexis Cagan Shoulberg

These are the very first and official words that were placed on a new WordPress blog recently developed and announced by 40+ year old Alexis Cagan Shoulberg.  Stretegically placed underneath an inappropriate image of a naked woman carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders (possibly a female version of Atlas,  the Titan who was punished by the Greek high gods by being forced to hold the weight of Uranus on his shoulders for eternity so to prevent him from teaming with others who wish to cause war and destruction), these words are not even close to be original in style or form and different in content in every way, while the project itself is, believed to be, her official response to the case instituted by VAMB.

And as soon as I read the statement,  which is designed similar to a destructive and hurtful mission statement, the first words to inch away from my lips were a soft but stern “WOW! <smh> “She could have simply returned what she took, but, instead, she does this.”

Some would consider this an act of war, while others would interpret this to be her simple God given right to a Shoulberg response. Yet, despite all of the differences of opinion, this move can only be seriously interpreted as nothing more than absolute vengeance disguised as a personal attack to discredit someone. And, in this case, that someone is yours truly.

While I find it somewhat flattering she chose me as the central focus to this new writing project, several theories do pop up in my short term mode of thinking as I cradle the fact that another lawsuit might be slowly brewing with her name on it;

  • maybe I actually owe this lady some large sum of money from some time ago…
  • Or might she be one of the clients that my former company, ACI, served with honor but couldn’t provide a refund to following Baker’s successful attempts of destructive demise that affected not only me, but eight other clients that made it their business to seek new means to settle the affects that horrendous occurance left within our lives…
  • Or maybe she’s a relative of one of those eight clients, holding a grudge on behalf of the client because they are struggling and can no longer afford that new BMW they promised to buy last Valentines Day but, instead, promised to purchase this Christmas once business picked up…
  • Or perhaps, more recently, Shoulberg conducted some type of business with me that ended in the lost of her large sum of money- after all, the comment did state I scammed numerous people out of their hard earned money

While I could further divulge in the hypotheticals and what if claims regarding her reasons, I, instead, will not entertain these theories. Because it is obvious the true and central intent of her platform, let alone the above statement, is only suited in vanity and self adjudication,  there is no desire to grant this blog project any desirable attention. For I have never done business with this woman, so why would she ever know who I’ve done business with?! And I haven’t pursued any type of relations with those she call family, friends or associates, so why would she truly claim to know my past?! And last, but certainly not in the slightest least, I do not owe Shoulberg anything at all, despite her current self-evoked debt she presently owes to several disturbed and unfairly cheated victims and myself. Therefore, in the end, entertaining such nonsense is below anyone’s level of common rationale.

But there is an important lesson to learn from all of this:

Let’s, for once, assume all of this points to vengeance or seeking revenge against a fight for the return of wrongfully retained property. Can she actually place blame at anyone else other than herself?! When I was young, I was always taught the importance of right and wrong, of the good and the bad, and of the righteous and the unjust. Never would stealing be anything associated to the goodness of anything. In fact, taking another’s hard earned possessions only expresses the vanity of one’s self – a desire to rid another person of their self-worth. And never can anyone justify that as anything worth standing tall from or good.

Further, if she is THAT angry at me and VAMB – but mostly me – over our attempt to seek the return of our hard earned possessions, and express it by promoting such filth that’s stained at the top of this blog post in a way to express her vengeful intent, can she truly have any ounce of validity to her vengeance? Or is it nothing more than, similarly, a canister filled with pure, USA inspected-urban inspired hot air or potent bullshit?!

Only in the last several decades have our society began rewarding those who committed harm against another,  be it somewhat justified or not. We witness such acts in pop culture and the urban entertainment industries such as hip hop music and gang- related films. We also notice this display of sadistic satisfaction within avenues of the rich and powerful, for if there wasn’t such a thing called vengeance in the lifestyle of the rich and famous,  then this arena, too, would be unpopular for the masses (did I also forget to mention vengeance in politics, too?!). Our lives are filled with the entertaining but destructive cultures of SCANDAL and the recently introduced HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER (forgive me, Shonda) and we have become seduced by the vanity of sex-craving music and film. And while I’m definitely not suggesting we boycott these surprisingly amusing works of art, we do, however, allow ourselves to be so manipulated by thier underlying plots and strictly for entertainment only messages that we forget that the material is only created for leisure – based enjoyment only. Yet, along the last several decades, we somehow failed to strictly seperate the two.

And that’s why I find this so similar to this case. Instead of doing the right thing and return what she took, she decides to respond with other attacks, so to increase her level of victimization against another.  Maybe it’s guilt. Or maybe it’s pride. However. In the end,  it’s completely and utterly WRONG!

And we victims will take only the high road in all of this. While the legal papers are being delivered and the court date slowly approaches, we will, too, stand tall and acknowledge the rights we may cling hold to. Within our hearts, we know who is right and who is deeply in need of moral intervention. And as we pursue onward, we hope she will do the right thing so her own conscious will be clear.


PLEASE NOTE: Latest Shoulberg Demands, designed by VAMB, are below.

Many of you sent comments and correspondences through the site, the Facebook promotional page and by email, requesting updates and questions about the Alexis Cagan Shoulberg case. And the answer we sent back to most of you was this- VAMB thanks you for your curiosity and input. At this time, we wish to give Alexis Cagan Shoulberg the time she recently requested and, according to her, needs to return all of the stolen belongings that are currently in her possession, while she deal with the authorities and the ASPCA privately regarding her other matters. Updates will be reported shortly.

Unfortunately,  respect and consideration wasn’t enough to work with this woman. To date, Shoulberg has not returned all of the stolen belongings, including the stolen pet cats, that she took under false pretenses. Therefore, VAMB has no choice but to proceed in civil action, while continue to work with authorities,  effective immediately.

Due to the now sensitive nature of this case, VAMB can no longer provide you any further information leading to further proceedings, as this may give Shoulberg and her parties any possible advantage in getting away with criminal and civily complicit activity. But, we will share a little of the activities and facts that lead to our most recent decision, without interpretations or evaluation of motive:


During previous days and following several postponements, Shoulberg finally rescheduled to meet with me on last Thursday (9/25/14), 4pm EST, at a StorageMart facility in Brooklyn to return ALL of the stolen belongings owed to the victims.  Arriving almost three hours late (6:23pm EST), she rode up in a black livery sedan, while she exited with several additional belongings owed to another that were not already stored (she explained that several other belongings she had planned to bring were either stolen or broken beyond repair under her care).

Three precious cats and their seperate accessories and grooming kits were not among the belongings with her.

As she made her way into the main office, she was reminded by the office personnel and management that a second lock was placed on the unit she claimed was the unit, labeled #3__(number of unit held for concerns of privacy), securing the remaining possessions and that this new development would hinder the needed video inspection to take place so to confirm, with her present, that the remaining possessions are inside the unit and are in similar condition they were in before they were taken. Despite this, she turned to me and aggressively attempted to influence me in accepting the storage unit as is and immediately began screaming intensely once I refused to proceed (anything could be in the unit in question, including NOTHING AT ALL– if I was to accept the unit without a full video inspection on that date, and confirm, at a later date and time, that the claimed property inside is not the stolen belongings, I and VAMB looses any opportunity at seeking damages and restitution for the victims, as she could counterclaim that I, a member of my party, or VAMB removed or replaced the property to build a fraudulent claim and case.)

Regardless of my refusal to proceed in the transfer of ownership, Shoulberg turned her attention back at the office personnel and demanded the transfer paperwork. Once it was placed in front of her and after the manager explained the transfer process, she signed her sections without hesitation, while she concluded to withhold the key that unlocks the unit, as she stated in her own words, “you’re not getting shit without paying me my money [Shoulberg was referring to the $43 she was required to pay for the unit’s lock that was never brought up to no one until a month after she took inappropriate possession of the property (source: saved text messages sent by Shoulberg)].” Once she signed the incomplete transfer document, she continued to convince me to sign the remaining sections, before I concluded that we will have to make new plans to meet with her at the facility once the unit is paid off in full, so I may complete the inspection.

(Side note: The above explaination can be verified as nothing more than absolute fact, for the entire visit was audio-recorded and the recording saved into VAMB’s internal intranet database.- VAMB’s methods of in – person recording are adhered with all laws governed by the state of New York, documented by the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, or RCFP, http://www.rcfp.org)

Later in the evening and into the next morning, Shoulberg sent me dozens of text messages and attempted several frantic calls, with only one that was answered, demanding that I sign the incomplete document, while describing me as a fool, idiot, even a terrorist,  and claiming my actions were nothing more than stupid, once I consistently refused. And if she isn’t bold enough while seemingly out of her mind (she adamantly calls herself a warrior while being constantly defamed and harassed), she further informed me that the document she signed clears her of any further responsibility and ownership on the unit and owed payments in question and that it is now up to me (and my party) to deal with the unit, costs and claimed contents inside. And all of this was passionately stated while she still has possession of the key to the cell (upon my departure from the facility, she still had the key on a key chain encompassing many others, including, according to her, several other keys associating to previously and presently rented units).

Due to the insane number of emails containing nothing but emotional attacks, rants, personal insults and she claiming to be a victim in all of this, I had no further choice but to warn her three seperate moments, then block any further messages from being sent to me, considering I made clear to her that nothing else needs to be discussed or planned until the past due payment was made on the unit (there were a few times I did respond to her rants in order to express to or correct her with the facts, but considering she refused to accept my words as being such and they only intensified the text-based unecessary discussions- it felt as though I was arguing with a náive child or someone who only wished to pointlessly debate with me- I concluded with attempting to quickly end them). But not before she texted me the statement that we are now “on [our] own” and she will not cooperate with us further.-


As of now, as previously mentioned, VAMB will proceed in advancing civil proceedings in this case while working with the federal agent in charge of the identity theft side of things. We will no longer guess Shoulberg’s motive or intent, while only utilizing the facts as nothing more than that.

VAMB will update you on future actions as they come to light.


[Added 27/09/14 @ 10:24pm]: There is one important point I forgot to mention pertaining to Shoulberg’s rants and attacks following the scheduled visit at the storage facility.  

While Shoulberg continued to convince me to return to the facility and sign the transfer paperwork without an inspection, she also expressed the practical but highly irrational possibility that if I didn’t sign the paperwork soon, and I mean SOON, the storage personnel, who she claimed to not trust for some apparent reason, could, at anytime, seek out someone who looks like me to sign the paperwork to steal the contents inside. While I found this to be a bit alarming and thought-provoking, I do conclude the peculiar possibility to be unlikely for three obvious reasons:

  1. Whoever signs the transfer paperwork must leave their John Hancock and other associated personal info in writing, which would later be used to connect the authorities to the thief once an investigation took place.
  2. If the person impersonates me, they would have to know the correct personal info that’s needed for the paperwork. But even if they are aware of the correct info, the impersonator’s handwriting would eventually be compared to mine, which would quickly make this an open-and-shut criminal case (have you seen my actual handwriting and the way I truly sign for anything?! Just plain hideous…and scary!!!) Oh, I almost forgot…there is also something called an alibi, which would be vital and prove to be invaluable in a scenario such as this.
  3. If the chosen signer happens to be anyone other than a person impersonating me, or if the signer uses false information on the paperwork, the personnel who facilitated the signing would have to answer to the authorities, as he or she would in ALL of these scenarios.

Also, in all of these scenarios, Shoulberg would be required to testify, voluntarily or following the receipt of a court-ordered subpoena, whether she did or did not officially signed the unit over to the impersonating thief. Compared to a civil case, lying in a criminal hearing would definitely lead to jail time. So quickly making this into a multiple count criminal case would not be wise for anyone at this point.

Finally, let’s not forget there are a multitude of cameras within the facility, and anyone who wishes to attempt to commit a little while-collar style crime would easily be video-recorded alongside the appropriate date and time.

In conclusion,  thanks for the out-of-touch and bizarre advice, Shoulberg! However, our investigative team and the authorities on top of this case are providing us with all of the advice and recommendations we need!  But, case in point, Shoulberg (and here is our tidbit of advice to you that you are certain to remember in the future, provided you get into a similar mess again): Returning all of the stolen belongings sooner and without complications and challenges would have ensured that none of these now festering issues or scenarios be of any possibility of reality and your life would have been free of the stresses and worries surrounding this case. And you certainly wouldn’t feel similar to “a victim” who is constantly “harassed” or “defamed”, however real those feelings actually are. 

Again, VAMB strongly reiterates its bottomline and demands to Shoulberg:

  1. First, the victims demand for the return of ALL stolen property/belongings that are currently in your possession. To settle this demand, a video inspection MUST be completed to ensure to all victims that contents within the unit labeled #3__ or any other unit Shoulberg claims as the one that currently houses all stolen property/belongings are not only the true belongings in the victims, but the belongings are of the same condition they were in before they were improperly removed from their respected locations. 
  2. Second, we also demand that Shoulberg be made aware and take responsibility for any and all charges that are placed against the unit and that she accepts the fact that those charges could have been avoided had she granted us access and full ownership of the associated account much sooner than 25 September 2014. 
  3. Third, we demand that Shoulberg return all domestic pet cats held and taken under false pretenses beginning 17 July, 2014, or she immediately sends monetary restitution to me in the amount of an approximate sum comparative to the cost of adoption, care and maintenance, which will be sent to her at a requested and later time.
  4. Lastly, Shoulberg cooperates with law enforcement and city officials pertaining to all animal abuse charges made by VAMB, victims and residents of her former neighborhood of Hancock Street. (Shoulberg claims to have finally moved from her former Hancock Street home and into her new Brooklyn residence (address is omitted to protect the privacy and respect the safety of Shoulberg)).

Upon full acceptance and completion of the above demands, VAMB will assume all business with and pertaining to Alexis Cagan Shoulberg COMPLETE AND FINAL. We sincerely hope she fully complies and adheres to our demands, as this will be best for everyone, especially the victims that have been without their belongings and property for a while now. Until then, civil proceedings will continue and no further special requests made by Shoulberg will be honored.


What do you do when you have a bad apple in a loyal, respectfully trusted bunch?

Once you finally realize one or more of the ones you trust no longer respect or trust you in the way you normally expect, a deepened emotion of betrayal and disgust overwhelms you and questions of why saturate the mind aggressively.

Take it from me, a man who has experienced his fair share. Unless there is a need to seriously protect another’s life or well-being, there is no need or shouldn’t be a desire to lie, especially since there is typically no positive result that comes out of the deed. Not to brag, but I, personally, have had my fair share of deceit and let-downs. In particular, but not limited to the following,  I was stolen from, cheated on, manipulated, hated on, defamed, conned, harassed, ignored, intimidated, judged, threatened and cheered upon to end my life ( don’t be truly shocked, friend- as you will soon come to understand or already learned while being a faithful supporter, many of those were, unfortunately, brought upon by the same man-the one who graces our organization with his infamous influence, similar to his John Hancock). And despite having developed a lasting, emotional control most of the time as a result to all of these despicable acts (these acts were, obviously, thrown at me by means to hurt me, possibly kill me, as I have created such a thick and misunderstood wall, which has yet to be respected by anyone that stood before it), each of them got to me every time and during each experience. Nevertheless,  I have come to stand by gracefully, accepting the fact that all of these acts exist and remain a part of my any-term memory, for they have developed a new way of living for me: I now live through life by being outrageously detailed, contained and self-centered in all of my persuits. And I have developed a sincere understanding to what trust truly means.

To be clear, this posting is not about my personal hellish experiences (although I can write a 600+ page dissertation on the subject),  but simply one message of morality: real and absolute trust will always be earned, not freely given or taken for granted.

Once you believe this, only then will any sadistic craving by anyone to take advantage of you will not accomplish anything, partially or otherwise. Instead, it will be met with as many stalemates, detours, roadblocks and obstacles as you can possibly imagine. And anyone who attempts at pursuing the method of trust the easy way isn’t doing you a favor, but, instead, a wasteful injustice.

It is my experience that human beings, in general, can’t be fully trusted for a number of reasons. And one of the main reasons centers around their need to always assume and not take a rational, concrete approach and analysis of the facts into account for anything. A large percentage of them simply base their entire belief on a gut feeling or one-sided notion. To provide an absolute trust is to put aside emotion or a gut feeling and allow the facts of a situation to seriously make the case and to ensure appropriate accountability. But, far too many times do individuals allow their feelings about a person to determine what they believe is actually the truth.

Moreover, for far too many times do I hear or read the following examples in similar statements;  ‘Oh, he must be guilty because he’s such a mysterious man’ or ‘Look at how he dresses?! He must be a criminal!.’ And, of course, one of my favorites is ‘Oh, he speaks so well. He must be smart or makes a lot of money!’

It was not too long ago when I was on a recent phone call with a top level subject of one of our cases. I was told by her that she refuses to believe any new statements from the opposing parties because she had already heard the truth from the other side. “But,” I responded, “don’t you wish to hear or see the evidence of the opposing side?! I mean, you haven’t yet seen, or tried to see, anything the opposing side has needed to share with you from the beginning.” And with a brief silence of the tongue and eventually a faint sigh of irritation,  the subject replies, “I’ve heard enough of what I needed to hear. What I was told [by the opposing side] made sense to me!”

I cannot tell you how irritated that made me, considering any form of ignorance, especially the kind that is obvious and filled with complete disgust, is enough to make me shake with anger and dire resentment.

This is why, when we place such practices in the room with conmen, scammers and the like, it’s easier for them to get away with so much criminal activity. In a nutshell,  we grant these assholes so many free passes to get away with their lies and sadistic deceit due to simple and tangible misjudgments in the way they talk or look…or by the way they treat a person (for instance, “Oh, he didn’t seem like a criminal to me! He treated me so nice and told me how I’m such a great person to him. He even showed me a picture of his beautiful family.”)

The next time you are offered to get down to the truth of a matter, consider taking the time to seriously seek out the truth. You’ll be doing those involved and you a big favor. Analyze the data….pursue the search of hard facts..seek out the evidence from all parties….and never, ever take the easy way out by simply accepting someone’s word on anything. Because, chances are, they are attempting to hide something.

In the end, you’ll thank me!

Trust me 😉 !







One of the greatest benefits to blogging lies in the absolute freedom of expressing oneself without strict journalistic rules, although we do try to hold ourselves to a standard of only telling the truth within our posts. Nevertheless, if those strict rules of journalism applied to us also, at no time would we be able to discuss many of the much needed points, or express the truth about others in the way we must.

Which brings me to my first question and next point: why do scammers choose lies as their primary tool rather than simply expressing the truth?! Well, the answer may, in fact, shock you.

But first, a history lesson:

When I was defamed throughout the Internet and beyond by conman Matthew Kent Baker in 2012, there were many statements that were made that, for the life of me, made absolutely no sense. Also, his statements pertaining to me reflected no part of me at all-they were just ridiculous accusations that only the more insane would ever believe. However, what gave his words traction is his uncanny ability to add some truth or fact about my life to his story line. By associating several truths to the few ridiculous lies that he promoted throughout the network and to several family members, friends and clients, it gave the lies some credibility. And, in the end, he got away with his overall sadistic plot.

What he also did was assume much of what he alleged and falsified. That’s what also gave his lies some power. And he practiced this trait for most of the two year period.

Of course, we are all guilty of assumption. And, in the end of each use of the act, it tears down layers of our own credibility each time, little by little. And most of the time, the use of assuming is also associated with the use of lies and manipulation.

This is one of the main reasons why conmen lie more often than simply telling the truth. The truth alone is typically boring (especially if the person committing the truth is mostly or always doing the right thing) and carries little excitement or action-based appeal. Also, the truth reveals only what it is -the truth or facts. That’s it. And the facts, more often than not, offer very little appeal or desire in assisting someone with negative intentions. But, if the truth is used as a secondary stimulus while lies are the primary mixture, then you have something worthwhile and destructive.

Yet, it is possible to see around all of the deception by practicing simple strategies.

One important step that would destroy a conman from getting away with the use of lies and assumptions in this way is by taking the time to go after the facts of a situation or issue-in other words, be your own investigator. Sure, it may require some valuable time or patience on your part, but it carries better results and a much more resounding happy ending than just believing in statements that have not been backed up or words that do not express the truth. And if you care about the person being framed or attacked, you would proceed with this extra step simply because you have those feelings emotionally.

One of the greatest books ever written was one by Don Miguel Ruiz. His ingenious masterpiece is entitled THE FOUR AGREEMENTS. In it, it contains no more than 170 pages of detailed information that explains four important but true rules of thumb that not only provide absolute wisdom that would alter the workings of society provided everyone took them seriously and put them into immediate action, but they relate, coincidentally, to this particular post referencing the acts of assumption and lying. Below are all four rules  (spoiler alert: if you don’t wish to know the details of the book before reading it, do not read any further):

  • Be impeccable with your word  (in other words, do not lie!).
  • Don’t take anything personally.
  • Don’t make assumptions.
  • Always do your best.

(Rules from The Four Agreements)

It’s amazing how four simple rules can mean so much and, if put into practice, change so much for the better! Nevertheless, as humans, entities/beings that are always making mistakes multiple times over, we treat practicing simple statements such as these similar to taking a rocket science practice exam! While we could simply ingest these words of wisdom and proceed on this earth as better men (and women), we make it so hard for ourselves to evolve. Thus, we tend to remain, intellectually, at the same level, while continuing to practice the same dumbfounded actions over and over, like motioning through a revolving door.

People sometimes ask me why I tend to live and manuver through life alone. My response is actually very straightforward: being alone rids yourself of the bullshit others may place in front of you each and every day. It’s no secret people can’t be trusted most of the time. They can be extremely emotional, treat the journey of life similar to an xBox One game level (they don’t take life and daily goals as serious as one is required to do), and…yes…they tend to lie and assume about most things. And while I was somewhat a stand-alone type of guy before 2012, Baker’s scam, defamation and conning of my business and personal life guaranteed my decision to continue the rest of my life with very little association and trust in people and society in general. Of course, I must deal with people from time to time (heading an organization like VAMB requires me to communicate with supporters and clients on and off the Internet on a weekly basis). But you won’t witness me hanging out in a pub/bar or having dinner with a crowd or group at large-even on my birthday. Instead, you typically find me at the corner table–alone–with my sprite and grenadine in my left hand and my reading material in the other (I’m boring anyway, people- I don’t drink. 😦 )

I know what you’re now thinking- why not try to trust people again?! The Baker experience was only with one man- one deranged asshole, in fact. And he is such a terrible representation of the rest of society. Why not start over and try again at trust with better, more structured people?!

Well, it was only recently when I did try at trust again, but my kindness was assumed as weakness by an individual who had his own agenda on the side (he was such a cool dude, too). But I didn’t care about his agenda (we all have goals and motivations we must strive toward), for it was his underlying treatment toward my kindness and desire to help him that ended the possible friendship we could have had. By stating to me “Dude, what have you really invested [in this friendship]” , he  automatically, and with ample speed, trumped any and all desire to trust and respect him further, for the passion no longer existed within me. He assumed my investment in our friendship to be material-only, and at best. And once again, my respect for general society became non-existent. Indeed, while I’m sure he will motion onward in his life with the premature belief he is a winner at taking advantage of other’s care for him, he will soon experience the day when his ego and sadistic persona will make it all come crumbling down on him. For, believe or not, I do not wish to be around when that day comes.

Instead, I enjoy being alone. It guarantees my expectations on the future to be valid and true. And I can practice the four agreements, or what I now consider to be my personal rules of thumb, with openness and very little challenge or resentment from others.


There are so many out there. And they all do the same thing-allow you to vent and rant about issues, companies, people, etc., you either had some disagreement with or that, you believe, did you wrong in some way. Yet, I am disappointed to inform you that they are all not created equal or fair-minded.

They’re called anti-scam websites.

Sure, you’ve seen them before! Sites such as Scam.com, Pissedoff.com and Ripoffreport.com have been around almost as long as the dawn of the Internet age. What makes them popular are their competitive edge ability to allow you, the user, to express your God-given right to free speech…or for a select number of you, express outright lies online simply to endanger the reputation or credibility of another (you know who you are- deranged cowards!). Fortunately, for you, you have the right to proceed.

But I’m not posting today’s message to express the problems that lie within your constitutional or human rights. The problem actually lies with the sites that are being used to express your truth. And it is causing the right to be fair to evaporate in real time and within our intricate binary system we call the World Wide Web.

Websites such as Scambook.com and Complaintslist.com (and a few of the ones mentioned above) allow complainants to state their complaints for free against people, places, companies, products, etc., but do not offer the same gratitude to the accused. Whether it be the individual being criticized, the representative of the location being attacked, the owner of the company, or the business selling the product, they all must pay handsomely to offer a serious rebuttal, with some prices being demanded as high as $500 per complaint. But is that right?! And, on a more serious note, is this even legal?! Or is it another form of blatant extortion?!

Pertaining to Scambook, there has been numerous websites and YouTube documentaries pointing out this central problem with this anti-scam scamming site (yes, I’ve made my mind up about this particular site). Even several local news stations of Chicago (the website’s initial brick and mortar hub/home) ran truth-filled, honest to God, undisputed segments that pointed out this disturbing issue after several businesses suffered greatly due to false complaints made against them and the demand by Scambook.com to pay hundreds of dollars to either respond or remove the complaint. And once the public became aware of these issues, the owners of Scambook.com packed up their stuff and left the city of Chicago (they headed for the hills, literally! Hollywood Hills, that is!), and are now operating in a remote and unknown location (while promoting a Los Angeles address on their contact page, some believe they are not even in L.A.). And, while the site does offer to point out an address of an L.A. office, the address is the location of a virtual office that’s used by a number of for-profit businesses. What’s more disturbing is it no longer offers a proper email address to direct their concerns or questions, only a contact page where the visitor types in their concerns in a box and it’s forwarded to the recipient once the send button is clicked.

Complaintslist.com is not so different. This site offers the accused the right to post an official response following the highlighted complaint. However, if the accused wishes to remove the complaint altogether, hundreds of dollars must be forwarded to the site’s operator. Otherwise, the complaint, even if fully resolved, remains online to be discovered by thousands of potential customers, friends, family and personnel.

Ripoffreport.com, while they don’t request funding to deal with a dispute, take steps that are destructive long-term. This site demands that any complaint made within it binary-coded walls remain as complaints forever, regardless if the complaint gets resolved. Sure, one may state on the complaint’s general page that the complaint has been dealt with and all parties have finally moved on, the complaint has been resolved. Nevertheless, this particular site makes its profit via advertising costs. So, while the complaints remain forever stationary on the site for some viewer to read and seek mindless enjoyment from old concerns, the longer the viewer remains on the site to eventually become hooked on the ads and products being marketed.

These websites may seem to be lambs for the cause. However, (let’s revise the scenario a bit, shall we?!) when a person, who is willing to help, demands money for his trouble, it immediately becomes an underhanded, questionable situation, involving questionable players in the game. And no longer is the Good Samaritan viewed upon as good.

As an FYI, fair-minded sites promoting true anti-scam and anti-fraud solutions are not afraid to post their physical whereabouts, email address and/or contact number. And when these sites are in the business of seeking to resolve disputes, they also offer all parties transparency, which is a reflection of what they seek to build from every dispute displayed.

(Just a side point– have you ever wondered why all of these anti-scam websites are operated by people or companies that spend as much or more money to keep their own identities and/or location a secret?! Also, ever wondered why these particular sites are being founded by the criminals that actually committed the crimes BEFORE eventually making a promise to assist others in exposing them?! Do you now wish to entrust your issue with those type of people?! Just a side point 🙂 )

One fair-minded site is called Peopleclaim.com (I’ve been using this site for years, while recommending it to so many others). Here, both parties, similar to a small-claims court hearing, receive equal treatment in expressing their issues. And, in the end, the dispute, once fully resolved, can be removed from the site permanently. Peopleclaim.com also offers outside legal assistance and other related resources to handle your issue and complaint more effectively. And sure, you may have to shell out some money for these additional resources, but not hundreds of dollars like Scambook.com; only $7-20, depending on the offered resource.

So, when you are seeking a site to express your latest rant/or and troubling experience concerning a product, person or service (and you have tried at least THREE times to privately resolve the issue with the parties involved), it is always benefiting to utilize websites that are truly in the business to help parties seek out a resolve to their differences, while not extorting parties for their hard earned money.


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